I’m not sure she was singing live. Frankly, I don’t care. She was good enough – great enough – at everything else to make me not care. JLO’s performance last night at the AMAs was everything. It had everything. It had costume. It had flair. It had HAIR. The energy – she put it all on stage last night. And it was spectacular. More spectacular than we’ve seen from her in a long, long time. Did you see that f-cking mic toss? I leapt out of bed for that mic toss!

You know what I think it might be?

When was the last time you’ve been so exhilarated by a JLO performance?

It made me remember how exhilarating she was when she was playing Selena. Bidi bidi bom bom! JLO brings out her best when her purpose is not to celebrate herself, but to honour someone else. There’s nothing you can hate about that.

But we can always hate on the Slum Lover.

Let’s Photo Assumption her expression here, posing next to him backstage.

Is that…

Could it be…

Can we hope that she might finally be over that sh-t?