But first – a programming note!

Forgot to mention earlier in the excitement of the New Year: TV LIVEBLOG WITH DUANA goes today at 3pm ET/Noon PT!

Back to our regularly scheduled programme:

Jennifer Lopez was introduced as the first global brand ambassador for Gillette Venus yesterday at the launch in New York for the “Venus Goddess Fund for Education”. She posed amazingly hard with her mouth open and her legs bare.

Did you watch Idol last night?

We went out for dinner for New Year’s Eve. And I was bagged. But I had to turn on my PVR to see her. There must be something happening with her extensions, right? Because in the second half of the show her hair was pulled back all tight and in the previews for tonight’s episode, her head is, like, wrapped in a handkerchief. Please. It’s probably Hermes.

Do you see how many close-ups she gets? Like reaction shots before the break? Always very, very flattering. I wonder if that’s written into her contract.


You think that’s an exaggeration?

I’m telling you. They choreograph this sh-t down to the very last detail. And still, in spite of myself, even though I knew it was a put-on, I was super skeeved by that “in love” couple that wouldn’t stop kissing and gushing all over each other. Gross. This may be a really bitch ass thing to say but I get really uncomfortable watching ordinary non-famous people passing spit from one mouth to the other. Passing spit is not a euphemism for “kissing”. Those two were actually passing spit. There are times when contrivance, choreography, lighting, and celebrities are preferable to real life. This is one of those times.

Which, course, is why JLo is way more interesting than any of the contestants. Like I’ve been saying, I am watching FOR HER. And a little Steven Tyler too. But mostly her. Someone needs to compile a reaction shots video every time a thin and young and attractive female audition happens, with side by side footage of when a chubby girl arrives and COMPLIMENTS HER, as they always do.

Anyway, after the Gillette event, Jennifer and Marc Anthony went out for dinner, making sure they were photographed together just hours after it was announced that they’ve been invited by President Obama to the White House to watch the Super Bowl. What does JLo wear to the Super Bowl at the White House? Let it be the HEAD SCARF.

Photos from Wenn.com and J.B Nicholas/Ron Asadorian-Eddie Mejia/Splashnewsonline.com