JLO & ARod: more business, more gushing

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Jennifer Lopez was on Ellen this week. JLO, as we know, is in love. And when JLO is in love, she can’t help but talk about the love. So she and Ellen talked about Alex Rodriguez. When JLO met ARod. Supposedly she made the first move…ish, tapping him on the shoulder when she saw him somewhere…but he was the one who called to ask her out for dinner. And she claims she didn’t go home with him afterwards:

I’ve watched a lot JLO interviews. She’s never bad in an interview. But she’s a little extra buzzy in this one, isn’t she? Even the volume is cranked a little higher, non? She’s LOUD. The laugh is loud. The giggling is more giggly. The smile is dialed up on max. Ellen’s playing like she’s the nosy one but, really, it’s not like JLO is giving her any resistance. This is what she WANTS to be talking about: ARod.

JLO and ARod were out for lunch together yesterday in New York. According to Page Six it was a business meeting. HER business meeting. With NBC executives to talk about her upcoming show World Of Dance.

Sources say J.Lo already has strong ties to NBC through “Shades of Blue” and her “World of Dance” show, but the ex-Yankee slugger also discussed NBC TV projects for himself with Burke.

An NBC insider said, “J.Lo was at NBC to talk about promotion for ‘World of Dance,’ which starts May 30, and Alex came with her. But there was some discussion for Alex to do TV work for NBC, possibly sports or news focused. No specific project was discussed.”

Alex already works as a baseball analyst for Fox.

So he brings her to HIS meetings so that she can sweeten the situation for him and he has to go to HER meetings to pick up any side scraps that might come off the table from her deals? Sounds about right.

And then there’s this:


Wow!! #beastmode #bronx #latino #goat

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A few weeks ago, I posted about JLO and ARod and how it reminds me of JLO and Ben Affleck. This is another example. She fangirled Ben. She is fangirling ARod. She is calling him the #goat… while he’s wearing the uniform that Derek Jeter wore his entire F-CKING CAREER. We are deep in the phase of JLO’s love haze.

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