JLo last night in New York having dinner with her manager Benny Medina. Oh she’s up to something. There’s that look on her face, something hungry, something determined,

As I reported a couple of months ago, Jennifer Lopez wants back on top. She’s instructed her team to do what it takes to get there. Rumour has it she’s seeking meetings with important directors with whom she wants to work, asking for scripts she’d normally not be considered for, also looking to option award bait projects (something about a short story adaptation). Yes y’all. Ms Lopez wants an Oscar. Needless to say, Mr Medina has been told.

The marriage?

Suddenly every outlet that was insisting she and Marc Anthony would be done by now…they’ve all gone quiet, until the next time she goes out without her rings.

RingWatch is a worse bet than Caribbean Stud Poker. Terrible odds.

Love that blouse. Must have it.

Photos from Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab/Splashnewsonline.com