Jennifer Lopez was in New York today promoting Shades Of Blue on Live! With Kelly and there was no talk of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez or whether or not she ghosted Drake but she was in Florida with him this weekend and accompanied him to a Yankees spring training game. Also, she’s met some of his family members. ARod’s sister, Susy Dunand, posted the photos on her Instagram.


Simply sweet!!!

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Any given Friday! #miscuñis!#jlo

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I LOVE that JLO’s the one taking those selfies. She knows the angles. Her angles, at least. And she’s probably the best at face-tuning. The point, however, is that we know this pattern. We have seen it happen so many times. JLO is meeting the family, she’s GOING TO WORK WITH HIM. She’s moving at top love-speed. And … she’s melting when he’s feeding her.


According to Hollywood Life, when JLO and ARod went out for dinner in Miami the other day, the meal took three hours, he was all over her, and “at one point during their meal, A-Rod reached over and fed Jennifer a forkful of Tagliatelle”.

Hollywood Life is not the most reliable source of gossip. But I totally believe this story. I can totally picture it. And it’s gross.

To the rest of us. To her though? We’ve all studied enough JLO to know that that’s her thing. Remember, Drake took her to a prom. OF COURSE she would think it was sexy to be fed. As for ARod? Well of course that’s how he playing the game now. NOW he’s considerate. NOW he’s the one feeding her. But how long before he’s manspreading his legs across the table while she hurries to hand him a beer. ARod is THAT GUY. I remind you, he’s the guy with a portrait of himself as a centaur above his bed. That guy is not going to be OK with being a plus-one. Which is basically what he is in this situation. After all this time, I can’t believe she can’t smell it on him.