Jennifer Lopez predictably bought her boy that white pickup for his birthday. Does she pay for the insurance too? Insurance can’t be that much. From all the jobs she’s been giving him to “direct” in and star in her videos, Casper Smart must be making some money. I suppose then that that would be his contribution: the $500 he pays every month to State Farm...while he lives, rent free, at her place and hasn’t had to feed himself in months.

Here they are after lunch on Saturday in West Hollywood leaving hand-in-hand before getting in their love truck. I mean, she sits across from this dude at a meal and she tells herself that he’s the best and that she is better for having him. Just in case you forgot that this is what we’re dealing with.

Two weeks ago, Marc Anthony formally filed for divorce. According to TMZ Anthony wanted to work it out but was rejected by JLo because she doesn’t want to give up Casper. So she’ll be free soon to marry him. Like on her birthday (July 24) or something. Jennifer Lopez is not capable of saying “No” to a proposal. She’s also not capable of not hinting about wanting to be proposed to.