Yesterday I posted photos of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez out together in New York on Monday. She had reportedly joined him for a business meeting as his “secret weapon”. And my point was that… well… already their relationship is benefitting HIM.

After that meeting, JLO and ARod flew out of New York. Turns out they were headed for Little Rock, Arkansas. They had dinner at a steak house. The owner of the restaurant posted it on Facebook.

What’s going on in Little Rock?

ARod has business in Little Rock. Something to do with car dealerships. That was a business dinner. She accompanied him to a business dinner. HIS business dinner. After already joining him at a business lunch in New York. So let’s recap:

ARod has just started his career as a broadcaster for the new MLB season. ARod brings in JLO for his business opportunities in both NYC and Little Rock. ARod is all over the blogs and the magazines because of JLO. It’s been two f-cking months, tops. Is this the ARod equivalent of her buying Casper Smart a car and appointing him the creative head of her tour?

WHYYYYYYY does it have to be so f-cking predictable?