Love the coat, all over the boots, it’s really the hat and makeup that make it so grossly offensive, don’t you think?

Check out Jennifer Lopez arriving at Letterman yesterday and then again on his couch. Seriously, did she break up with Scott Barnes again? What’s with the overkill over the eyes?

As for the main issue – while she has yet to confirm it herself, Us Weekly is proclaiming loud on their latest cover what Oribe has already known for weeks, and what many of you who know about such things had already concluded upon seeing her nose. Apparently pregnant women get chubby noses?

In regards to an official statement, supposedly there won’t be one – at least not if Marc has his way. Word is he doesn’t feel personal matters should be publicly announced and called the notion of releasing news of their pregnancy “ridiculous” despite the fact that he married a woman who keeps nothing to herself.

Will keep you posted…