Watch and learn Pattinson, if you must even though you shouldn’t. Because no one throws down the open-mouth on a carpet like Jennifer Lopez. And she brought her fierce last night, oh yes.

It’s all back. The body. The hair. The face. The everything.

And she wanted you to know. So to ensure maximum exposure, she decided to show up where everyone else would be. The Brange didn’t mind. It only means more photos, more mentions. Benjamin Button wins in the end.

As for JLo Jolie showdown – my vote goes with Lopez looking the more luscious twin mamma, although they were photographed together and disappointed us all with their mutual graciousness in the end. Boo. What kind of world is this if you can’t count on Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez to cut eyes at each other on a carpet?

This, I suppose, is what child stardom is for. Teens are now filling our catty void.

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