As you know, Barbara Walters every year releases a list of the 10 Most Fascinating People. The special airs next Thursday on ABC. Naturally they’re cockteasing everyone until the big reveal, releasing several names but, obviously, holding back the big one. So far we know 8 of the 10. They are as follows:

Sandra Bullock –Oscar, infidelity, secret adoption, philanthropy, popularity, done. Agree.

Justin Bieber – international frenzy, millions sold, millions weeping, awards, connections, he might not be the flavour for your age group, but you cannot deny he had a MASSIVE year. Agree.

Betty White – I had Betty White fatigue last year. But she still turned up everywhere this year, including Saturday Night Live, and she killed it, and she’s continuing to work, like, every week, and, well, unlike her fellow octogenarian Walters does not look like she’s been embalmed. Agree.

LeBron James – The Decision. It was a televised special to announce where he was going. It was a big f-cking ass deal, not only because he’s one of the best players in the league, but also because of the goddamn spectacle he created, something he sounds like he regrets (a little) now. Also... they’re sucking in Miami. Heh. Agree.

Sarah Palin –People talk about her. Everyone talks about her. Agree.

Jersey Shore – I guess. I mean, on trending alone, and ratings, and sheer recognition, as much as I hate that this is a fact, as much as they don’t fascinate me personally, they certainly did fascinate a lot of others. I don’t want to agree. But I can’t disagree. F-ck.

Kate Middleton – Um, she’s about to marry the Prince Who Will Be King. So yeah. Giant agree.

So far makes sense, right?

Then Barbara had one of her senile moments.

Jennifer Lopez???

Did we talk about JLo a lot this year? Did we care about JLo a lot this year? Didn’t her movie flop this year? So she’s an Idol judge. Is this fascinating? Is it 2003? Is Ben Affleck still rubbing her ass on a boat?

I’m thinking Conan O’Brien deserves to be on there more than JLo, non? There are dozens of others who fascinated us more in 2010 than Jennifer Lopez, right? And Barbara Walters burned a spot on Jennifer Lopez?

Dying to know what was exchanged here. It has to be something. And it better be worth it. Like, old photos and secrets from when she was Bennifer worth it. Because otherwise, what a goddamn waste. I say this and I’m actually a JLo fan.

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