Radar Online is reporting that earlier this year Marc Anthony allegedly owed back taxes amounting to almost $3.5 million. He previously had tax problems in 2007 when he was fined $2.5 million for not paying taxes for four years after he claimed he’d been frauded out by money managers. It’s not just middle class people who keep living beyond their means, non? I mean, f-ck, why not just downsize from a house with 20 bedrooms to a house with only 10?

Remember when JLo was all fronting like she was doing American Idol a favour by being a judge on the show? Maybe she needed them more than they needed her. That senile bat Barbara Walters is the only person who found Lopez fascinating in 2010. It’s not like her movie career is thriving. Same goes for her music career. And you know this is an ageist industry. In her 40s now, there are fewer and fewer opportunities. Add all this to the fact that her husband is having cash money problems too?

Well no wonder she’s now on TV. JLo must WORK! And on top of that she’ll likely be more open to hiring herself out. You know, some Russian billionaire’s 16 year old daughter is having a birthday party and needs someone famous to show up for a fee of $1 million? I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the same but when it becomes a primary source of income, well, that’s kinda like Pamela Anderson territory. Seven years ago, you would NEVER put JLo in a category with Pamela Anderson.

This is JLo on the cover of the new Us Weekly, the annual let’s kick off the new year and not be fat edition.