Jennifer Lopez was on the radio the other day. She was asked a question about a raft and saving only one person: Ben Affleck or Sean Combs.

You can see the video below. What I want to talk about first is that she still calls him Puffy. Of course she does. He was Puffy when they were together. And then he came Diddy. And sometimes we’re supposed to say Sean Combs. But the fact that she still uses Puffy cracks me up. Even she thinks it’s ridiculous.

Her answer is funny, of course. But what’s even better is how f-cking cute she is here. She’s SO cute. So playful. So lively. So game. And I love how raspy her voice is when she says the thing that she says. And, of course, her beauty. My God she is beautiful.

And then you remember that that Slum Bear is probably hanging out just around the corner.

So, why not some Gossip Nostalgia instead. Since we’re talking about Ben and Puffy anyway.