She was there last night to receive her honour. And she’s on the current cover of the magazine being interviewed by Jane Fonda. Have you read the article yet? You may have read excerpts, but the full piece, it’s amazing.

Both are 3 times divorced. Both are... really, really, REALLY into themselves. Both spend a lot of time pretending to be into each other when they’re actually just trying to bring the conversation back to “ME”, the only word in their vocabulary. The part when they go off about loving yourself and standing on two feet when it comes to relationships, it makes you wish you were in the room when this was happening.

And JLo’s insistence that she’s never been a meangirl???

Clearly this interview doesn’t apply. Remember that? Go back and read it - click here. That Girl apparently never existed. That Girl wore Versace. This Girl is still wearing Versace.

After all, Donatella made the infamous Grammys dress. You know the one. It’s the dress of her career. And last night it was another Versace, though much less exciting. The makeup last night wasn’t so great, right? She looks tired. She’s missing a glow. Or maybe it’s the hair. JLo is capable of being so f-cking on, I want to punch myself in the face. not one of those times.

Click here to read her interview with Jane Fonda.