Jennifer Lopez was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week to promote the new album. The thing about JLo is that she’s always up for a fun playful interview and she can be really, really cute – on purpose, obviously – but there are some people who do it better than others, non?

The clip below is 20 minutes long and the sound is not synched up but it was the best I could do with geo-blocking. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, though. For our gossip purposes all you need are the Mariah Carey and Ben Affleck parts.

JLo is asked about the feud with Mimi. What you think about immediately, of course, is this:

JLo sort of, kind of, denies that there’s any drama – at least on her part (start at the 7:50 mark on the video below). What else was she supposed to say? The way she does it though, acknowledging that there have been some Mimi-driven incidents makes Mimi look like the petty, juvenile bitch. Which, um, did you have another impression of Mimi?

As for Ben Affleck, Andy had to find a way to take us back to Bennifer without getting too offside. So he decided to do it through style. You remember the Ben Affleck of 2002/2003, don’t you? He used self-tanner. You could see the comb streaks in his hair. And she confirmed, at the 6:55 minute mark, that she did indeed dress him. Well, that’s enough to make me seriously miss those days.

I don’t think JLo was necessarily disrespectful to Ben’s current wife, Jennifer Garner, but I do wonder what it’s like to know that that’s out there. Sure, celebrity couples are photographed all the time and those images linger in pop culture perpetuity. Some, though, are more obscure than others. And some are straight up iconic.  Legendary. Forever amazing.  Definitely on the list of greatest gossip of all time.

Thanks Kat!