Jennifer Lopez is back on the set of Shades Of Blue for the show’s second season. As mentioned a few times already, she’s been campaigning for an Emmy nomination. Voting for Emmy nominations began this week, on Wednesday, and will continue until June 24th. The nominations will be announced on July 14th. If she isn’t nominated, is it considered a snub? I don’t think so. JLO is coming into this category up against some established television characters off of just one season so far. That said, she certainly has the profile for consideration. One way or another, they’ll get her to that show.


Does he have to come?

Slum Bear was with JLO yesterday. They were holding on to each other’s thighs. Casper auditioned for a role on Shades Of Blue last year and didn’t get it. He auditioned again for a different role and was successful the second time. Was it kinda like, what can we find for him where he’ll make the least impact but keep her happy?