Jennifer Lopez was in Vegas this weekend for the iHeartRadio music festival. She also made an appearance at Pure Nightclub. Translation: they threw a LOT of money at her to show up.

Why do I find these pictures of JLo, dancing and grinding up on the Strip, really, really cringe-y? Is this unfair?

It’s what you’d expect of a Kardashian. Or a Hilton. Or one of those third tier actors from Twilight, like Kellan Lutz or Ashley Greene. These are the hustle moves required of someone with a lesser brand. At this point in her career, JLo shouldn’t have to be doing this sh-t.

Or... you could say... and most of you will say...This is exactly her career. This has always been the point of her career.

I could argue with that but I wouldn’t win. All I’m saying is that JLo cannot be considered on the same level as a Kardashian. JLo, remember, gets to go to the Oscars. Like, all the time. JLo is a legitimate capital letter Celebrity. JLo, who is now single, is back on the front page.

I’m just not sure bumping it up at the club is the best strategy to make sure she stays there. Also, her hair and makeup sucked that night.