Jennifer Lopez got all wet-haired and grindy for the final performance of the night with Iggy Azalea at the American Music Awards which came with an advance warning that it was going to be all kinds of raunch. Hardly.

Instead, it was a lot of dancing. And a costume change. And yes, JLO looked amazing and she moved energetically but…

That wasn’t a song.

You can’t tell me that was a song.

It was a lot of instrumental so that she could shake her sh-t but IT WAS NOT A SONG.

Someone told me at some point last night that JLO was only given that spot because Kohl’s was a sponsor since, really, her album wasn’t on the level of success of any of the other artists who were there. Booty was not a smash hit. Did it deserve to close the show?

Well, it could have closed the show. If it was more than just a glorified dance routine, for sure it could have closed the show. But, again, a glorified dance routine is NOT A SONG.