The fall actually made her relevant for 5 seconds. No, Jennifer Lopez’s massive suck at the AMAs had nothing to do with the fall. The fall happens. They perform, they slip, they fall. Beyonce falls. Madonna falls. They all fall. Snarking on the fall is too easy. It’s like a fart joke, no art to it whatsoever.

The most interesting thing is that JLo’s fall was the only interesting thing. Other than the fall, there was nothing remarkable about the performance, the song, the costumes, the stage…

Once upon a time, Jennifer Lopez was a pretender who faked out the music industry, tolerated for a while because she recorded catchy songs written by other people, until the sales started dropping and the novelty wore off. Now there’s nothing left. She is playing in the wrong league. Hate the way she pronounces Louboutin.

Seriously, Jennifer Lopez is trying to stand up next to Gaga and Rihanna, on a stage that Janet opened. Like, please.

Photos from Kevork Djansezian/