JLO performed at home in the Bronx last night. There were many costume changes, including an outfit that was an homage to her infamous Grammys Versace dress. We just talked about JLO on The Social today. My colleague Cynthia Loyst, a trained belly dancer, posited that JLO isn’t an amazing dancer.  Everyone backstage gasped. My reaction: “She was a FLY GIRL!!!” Cynthia doesn’t give a sh-t. She stands by her opinion. Are you with her?

Anyway, we were discussing the imminent breakup. Imminent is a hopeful word here. But Slum Bear has been sexting someone else. And there hasn’t been a solid denial. And even PEOPLE is saying their sh-t is strained. And for all that she is… look at her, look at her, look at her… enough time has been wasted, stop slumming this away.