Xenu Labour

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 2, 2008 06:51:56 January 2, 2008 06:51:56

Out of nowhere she’s suddenly besties with the GMD. Then she reveals her father has been a Scientologist for 20 years. And my sources report she’s an avid reader of church literature, highlighting key passages for review over and over again.

Of course she and Marc had also been trying for a long time to get pregnant. And you know they were finally successful this year with twins reported on the way…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

And what of this new rumour? That she’s is planning on a Silent Birth. Now when was the last time we heard the term Silent Birth?

Remember when Katie was about to birth Little Sci? Remember she was supposedly not allowed to cry out during labour? That it would disturb the child? That peace and order and calm and no talking must be observed according to church doctrine?

Well apparently Jennifer Lopez is preparing to do the same.

Praise Thetan, ah-Xenu!


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