After all, when she’s riding around in a Maybach, how bad can it be?

Jennifer Lopez continues to promote The Back-up Plan, showing off a very pretty pair of legs yesterday in New York while on her way to various interviews. It’s those Lanvin shoes again. And she does indeed look amazing.

But despite the Maybach, apparently, these days it’s a lower maintenance JLo...what?

A very flattering article has just appeared in USA Today. She had no handlers during the interview. She claims to have downsized from the diva days. She is focused and prepared, she is trying to reclaim what she was in 2001. And there are certainly those in the business who are on her side.

According to Anne Thompson:

"She's a good actress and she's a huge movie star. She's still in her prime. She still looks fabulous. Her talent isn't the issue. Part of the problem is that Hollywood tends to be very tough on women. You're not allowed to have a failure. She does have appeal in a romantic comedy, but it has to be a good one. She has to look for intelligent, smart scripts. She has to prove herself all over again. Is that fair? No. But Hollywood is not forgiving, and it's looking for the most risk-free project."

I agree to a point. But why would anyone compare Jennifer Lopez to Sandra Bullock? It’s totally not the same conversation. Having said that, film is definitely where she’s stronger. JLo however, despite the fact that she really can’t sing, although I guess that doesn’t matter anymore, is still pushing ahead with the new album called Love.

“Love (the new album) is such a big thing for me. The whole examination of love and what that is, the state of that today, I just feel the dialogue for that needs to be open. That's kind of a little bit of my goal with this record."

I don’t know what that means. I don’t think she even knows what that means. Why do we need JLo to engage us in a conversation about love? Love is all around. We talk about love to death. To tell you the truth, sometimes love talk is tiresome. Like her music career.

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