On the weekend I saw some photos of JLO’s Slum Bear working on a music video on the beach. He was surrounded by women in bikinis, flexing like he’s important. He’s gross so I didn’t spent too much time on the page.

Then, last night, PEOPLE reports that the reason he and JLO broke up in August is because he stepped out on her, citing a source who reveals that:

“She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught. It happened two years ago, and he promised he would never do it again and once he did, she was done.”

OK but they broke up two months ago. And nobody gave a sh-t why, just that it was finally over and she wasn’t giving him trucks and jobs anymore. So why is she telling us this now, on a Sunday night at 8pm, after new shots of him are made available on a beach, when, really, he’d almost joined the long list of forgettables – with the exception of Ben Affleck – she’s either dated or been married to? Is this something she really wants out there? (Assuming, of course, that PEOPLE is going to go with what she wants out there because otherwise why would PEOPLE need to be leaking anything for Casper Smart?!) 

She’s Jennifer Lopez. She’s JENNIFER LOPEZ. And now we know that a backup bear – who she also had to employ at various times – cheated on her, not once but twice. I don’t understand who this is helping. We didn’t need a rationalisation for why JLO wouldn’t want to be with her Slum Lover anymore. What we would have needed at the very beginning, frankly, is some rationalisation as to why she wanted to be with him in the first place. So if this was some kind of PR move on her part, it’s a mistake. If this was a public notice to him that she’s over it – because PEOPLE’s source also claims that Casper’s been trying to get back together with JLO – it’s still a mistake. There is nothing to be gained for the Jennifer Lopez brand by letting people know that her younger loser no talent of an ex-boyfriend is only now her ex-boyfriend because he was dealing on the side. What is happening to celebrity image management right now? Why are so many big names all of a sudden behaving like amateurs?

Attached - JLO on the set of Shades of Blue earlier this month in New York.