Now that we’re up to date on Drake, who’s (finally) on tour in the UK right now, time to check in on Jennifer Lopez. It’s been quiet between JLO and Drake for a couple weeks now. Two nights ago he shouted out Rihanna during his show, calling her “the queen of everything”. Are we back to that cycle now? Again? PS Rihanna wasn’t there. But you know how those two work, no pun intended. It’s an “I can’t quit you” once a year.

As for JLO, she was out the other night with Leah Remini for a friend’s birthday party. Casper Smart was there too. You can see the pictures here. According to E! it was just a friendly encounter and they stayed apart for most of the night inside the club and the reason they ended up getting papped outside was because Leah stepped out for a smoke. So my read on the situation is that Slum Bear was watching the whole time and when he saw them on the move, he followed opportunistically. Because it’s been over 6 months now since she opened her eyes and told him to get the f-ck out, 6 months of having to downsize after living the good life for three years. He needs a way back in.

But that’s what your best friend is for. And I want to think that Leah Remini is that kind of friend. The kind of friend who steps in and tells you to not be a dumbass. In this case, not being a dumbass is not falling back into the Slum Bear habit and f-cking him. The problem is that I have more confidence in Leah than I do in JLO. You know JLO. Going backwards is familiar for her.