Jennifer Lopez was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen yesterday and during Plead The Fifth he asked her about Ben Affleck’s back tat. You know, the phoenix. But just in case you don’t have it burned into your brain, here, enjoy:

The phoenix isn’t having a good week. It was belittled by Jennifer Garner in Vanity Fair. That quote has been widely disseminated. And JLO’s not feeling it either. “It’s awful!” is how she put it exactly. And then she goes on to explain precisely why it’s so awful.

You see how the phoenix is becoming an issue now? A talking point? So when he starts doing press for Batman…is someone going to ask him about this? Will he have to talk about it? Even better, will he have to defend it?

He’s promoting a big budget movie and playing one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and now the discussion topic is a bad decision he’s made on his back. THANK YOU JENNIFER GARNER is probably not what Warner Bros has in mind right now.

Amazing Amy, see? Death by a thousand stealth cuts.