Jennifer Lopez performed Dance Again on American Idol last night. I’m in London so I didn’t watch live. But so many of you emailed about it I woke up this morning to check out the video. Why the interest?

Well because her lover and backup dancer turned “lead choreographer” Casper Smart makes a grand entrance. No like for real. She’s up there miming the words, moving around with the ensemble and then the lights go down and it’s like HE’s the main attraction.


So then he fondles her ass and they throw down a routine and BREATHE HEAVY (ew!) into each other’s faces and smile and almost kiss and god he is so gross there at the end with his mouth open and then she walks forward to greet the crowd because of course SHE is the star and he STEPS UP behind her to pick confetti out of her hair like he can’t stand to be not sharing the spotlight with her...


JLo, can you not see this???

She can’t see it. She can’t see what he’s taking.

Where the f-ck is Leah Remini???

Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again" live on American... by HumanSlinky