Shelfy got no Front Ass

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 26, 2009 17:00:04 May 26, 2009 17:00:04

Imitators to the left. Yes, Jessica Biel, that’s you.

Shelfy has a Shelf Ass but her ass is nothing compared to the Original Ass Jennifer Lopez... oh la.

It’s JLo on the set of The Back-up Plan today in work out gear to accentuate all her lovely curves.

What’s the mark of a legendary ass? An ass for all time?

It’s the kind of ass you can see from the FRONT. If you’re looking at her straight on, face to face, and you can STILL see the ass? That is a sick crazy ass.

How does one engineer such an ass? Such an amazing f-cking ass. Probably requires eating dinner while squatting. And lunging instead of walking. Everywhere.

I just got back from the gym after 3 weeks off due to an ass injury (IT band) and Cannes. Wonder if an ass like JLo’s requires permanent ass cramping. Is it worth the trade off?

Photos from Clint Brewer/

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