Ojani Noa and Cris Judd must be so bitter that they hooked up too early with Jennifer Lopez, before the explosion of reality television.

Page Six reports that JLo has signed with Oxygen for a reality show featuring her backup dancer boyfriend in his role as “head choreographer” on her tour. Casper Smart will train his replacements, now that he’s front and centre, and week after week, we’ll get to see how he “works” to put together her show. Apparently the more intimate aspects of their relationship will not be shown.

But you’ve already seen it in her video, haven’t you?

So with as much sh-t as she already has going on in her life, JLo is now using up her energy trying to get others to pay her slum lover, create him a career, so he can make enough money to propose - God if only I could scream it in her face: WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

Why are you running towards (another) divorce?