New Year, still slumming

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 3, 2012 18:05:03 January 3, 2012 18:05:03

JLo was in Miami for NYE. With the backup dancer. Her boyfriend and probable husband/ex-husband. I mean, you canΓÇÖt call this a fling anymore now, right? When heΓÇÖs around all the time, when you are never apart, when he spends time with the children, when itΓÇÖs Jennifer Lopez weΓÇÖre talking about, who remarries instead of rebounds, itΓÇÖs never not serious. ItΓÇÖs always, always too fast, too intense, and such a f-cking downgrade.

Look at this.

Now theyΓÇÖre holding hands in the wide open public, like itΓÇÖs something to be proud of. Like holding hands with Casper Smart is a ΓÇ£you go girl with a fingersnapΓÇ¥ moment.

FOR WHO???????????????????????????

First of all, please, leave the You Go Girling and fingersnapping to the people with gel nailed French manicures who watch Sex & The City reruns on TBS. And second...

Since when does ΓÇ£youngΓÇ¥ make up for ΓÇ£not attractiveΓÇ¥? Um, heΓÇÖs gross. Yeah, but heΓÇÖs 24 years old. Yes, but HEΓÇÖs STILL GROSS. If this is you, if youΓÇÖre saying that without inside voice, if youΓÇÖve written it to me in an email (and you are out there), you need to stop; you need to stop selling 40+ so short. 

PS. These photos were edited by Jacek who asked me if I wanted a zoom on her ass and I said no, I just need the zoom on them holding hands but he went ahead and ass zoomed anyway because, obviously.


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