Jennifer Lopez’s tour stops in Miami this weekend. Here she is arriving at their hotel with the children and the entourage and the boyfriend, the back-up dancer turned “head choreographer”, and why isn’t he her fiancé yet, Casper Smart. Seeing his hand on her back is grossing me out. Is that unfair?

When I saw these pictures, this awesome maxi dress seemed really familiar. I thought maybe I’d seen her in it before. Pretty sure it’s the ALC that she wore, also in Miami, three years ago, holding hands with Marc Anthony. I’m not the only one who associates their clothes with people/memories, right? I have this black skirt I wore with Jacek to our first Christmas party that I will now only wear when he’s around. But I wonder, for celebrities, who have so much more clothing, and wear them so infrequently, if their clothing attachments are different. Which could mean that I might be better at remembering what JLo wore and with whom and what that meant more than she does. You don’t have to tell me how sad that is. I know.