A couple of weeks ago - seriously, like 2 weeks ago - JLo told Ryan Seacrest there was no one serious in her life.


Because JLo doesn’t know how to do “not serious”. JLo doesn’t understand dating casually. JLo doesn’t rebound, she remarries. And she and Casper Smart have not been apart now for weeks. He was with her in Hawaii over Thanksgiving with her children, now the headline is that she took him to Morocco with her on a private jet... and the kids didn’t come. The excuse of course is that he’s one of her dancers and she’ll be performing there but...

Come on, now. You know she’s already told him that she’s falling in love with him.


How long before she pays for her own engagement ring? (God, she’s like Jessica Simpson now.) New Year’s Eve? First half of 2012? Summer 2012?