It was originally reported that Jennifer Lopez would take her husband to the BAFTA Gala to meet Will & Kate. She ended up bringing her mother which... I mean I think I would too. I know many of you stayed up late/got up early to watch the Royal Wedding, not with your husbands, but with your friends/sisters/mothers. And so, if you have the opportunity to fangirl in person over a real life Prince and a Princess, wouldn’t you want to share it with someone who’d truly appreciate?

Look at the diva JLo all smiley and gushy over the Cambridges!

As for her dress – I don’t have a problem with the cut-outs etc. It’s not like they were in England, at some concert for the Queen. This is Hollywood. This is her playground. Will is not yet the Prince of Wales, let alone the King. This doesn’t bother me. And besides, the woman that Ben Affleck ended up marrying would be there. Don’t think for a second that that wouldn’t be on JLo’s mind.

I guess then what I don’t like about the dress is that I don’t find it’s flattering. Or well made. Look how it folds and creases on both sides of her body. There’s no smoothness. And that sleeve situation – when she’s standing with her arms down, it’s fine. Soon as she lifts it, there’s a gap, it doesn’t hold the shoulder. I’m ok with spending $40 on a dress at Forever 21 and it isn’t an architectural marvel. I’m not ok with buying something at several thousand dollars and I end up looking messy. As for the Garner angle, that article is coming up. Stand by.

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