Counting Down!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 19, 2008 15:17:00 March 19, 2008 15:17:00


In just 12 hours… can you stand it? Can you stand it? Can you stand it?

Babies! Babies! Babies! Babies! Babies!

Twins! Twins! Twins! Twins! Twins!

JLo! JLo! JLo! JLo! JLo!

Are you annoyed???

Well don’t blame me.


They will unveil the first exclusive photos of Jennifer Lopez and her twins tomorrow Thursday morning at 7am EST. Will the MiniVan Majority sleep at all tonight?

People, as you know, as a lot riding on these images. How much is Jennifer Lopez worth? Images of the twins sold for $6 million… which means People will have to sell a sh*tload to make it all back. Christina Aguilera didn’t move too many copies. Nicole Richie did better but only marginally… will you buy People with Jen’s babies on the cover?

Definitely not a slamdunk.

Which is why the magazine is whipping the baby-crazed public into a frenzy. And there’s a video on the site too – an interview with the editor who interviewed Marc and Jennifer offering intimate details about how she found out she was pregnant, what her house looks like, what she looks like, if the babies are cute…

Yummy mummies will eat it all up!

But seriously… stop with the sh*t about privacy and personal lives. You don’t get to sell your baby pictures and talk about your pregnancy and your delivery AND complain about intrusion at the same time.

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