This is what we live for. Attention whores and red carpet spotlight grabs. These are the moves that define smut, that shape good gossip, and once upon a time, Jennifer Lopez was our queen. Then she married Marc Anthony and he shut her away in his oppressive vampire castle.

But there has been a rebirth of the diva inside the JLo. She woke up and realised we moved on…without her. And she wants back.

As previously reported, Jennifer is intending to reassert herself back on the movie market. The rumour mongering about her marriage isn’t hurting, opening the show last night didn’t hurt either, but with JLo, it’s always about a dress.

You remember the green Versace at the Grammys? How could you forget?

For her it was a recreate moment. Voila the Goldwhore.

Tacky? Sure. Obnoxious? Absolutely. Are you talking about it? Yes. Isn’t that the point? Of course.

It’s the Jennifer Lopez that’s been missing for 3 years. Yay!

By the way she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. But they were very much together, and not unnaturally so, all night.

Oh and the designer.

You bet your ass cheese… It’s Marchesa.

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