Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were in New York this afternoon at Times Square unveiling her billboard for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. JLo is promoting the message “Be Extraordinary” as an ambassador for the organisation’s youth advocacy campaign and the image they used features no Oprah lighting, no hair fan, no Scott Barnes makeup but rather an old photo of her back from her school days, in plaits and an uneven fringe with a starched collar under a plaid dress. SO CUTE.

More of this please and less of that sh-t she pulled at the MTV Movie Awards the other night with the GMD/Les Grossman. At some point she has to give it up, the pretend singing. Because that had its day and that day is gone. What remains? I’m all over Jennifer Lopez the Movie Star. All over it.

There was an awesome article posted on HuffPo about her current career crisis last month that definitely deserves a read if you haven’t already. The writer is hard-core pro JLo. Brings up several salient points about JLo’s pop culture significance, JLo’s legacy, how JLo has been perceived unfairly but also concedes at the end that it’s time for JLo to recognise this new landscape and find a way to be successful in it. We are no longer in 2000. And I really, really, really want her to catch up. I really, really want JLo to be the sh-t again. We are in a sh-t dearth if she makes the right moves, she can totally fill it.

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{Video has been removed from YouTube}