Jennifer Lopez: Globes Best Dressed (Lainey)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 20:06:48 January 11, 2016 20:06:48

Last year in JLO was all about cut-outs, or sheer, all kinds of body baring, skin, skin, skin. Like Kate Hudson. And, well, I’m not sure anyone wants that association. Because it was getting tired.

JLO is not an idiot about her look, her aesthetic. You were expecting something shiny, maybe some side tits, and half her ass. Instead she it was as covered up as we’ve seen from her in a while. Nothing on the arms, chest, just a hint of leg. But still SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy.

This colour. This mini-cape. The wrapping. The construction. All of it is gorgeous. And she f-cking knows. Except… maybe…

Are you underwhelmed by the hair? It doesn’t suck. It just… I feel like the trademark JLO topknot would have been better. Or even some big ass 70s drama. This felt flat. And it was a small 5% from being perfect. When she was alone, that is.

When she was not alone…

When she had to drag the Slum Bear along…

So that he could hydrate her:



Not to be crass, but OK, why not, but if only that was the only way he was hydrating her, you know?

George Pimentel/ John Shearer/ Steve Granitz/ Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

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