Seems like everyone popped in for a pre-holiday tweak, non? From the Brange to Tom Cruise to the JLo everyone looks so fresh and pulled!

Check out Jennifer Lopez last night out for dinner with Marc Anthony – she was gorgeous last week on the Benjamin Button carpet and it appears the pretty flush has carried over. Eyes are as bright and as tight as we’ve ever seen. And there is a tautness to her face – it’s like we’re suddenly back in the Puff Daddy era.

Although they were spending much of their time in Miami, these days Jennifer and Marc have stayed close to LA. Word is she’s feeling a little insecure about her place in movies these days and so the last weeks in Hollywood have seen her taking meeting after meeting, committed now to a film called Plan B about … having babies? ... and in talks for at least 2 other comedies. But it’s the meaty role she’s truly hungry for. Am told Jennifer is Oscar hunting. Get in line.

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