Well, at least she’s not wearing a belly chain. Given that she’s ok with the world knowing that that is her boyfriend and that she gave him a top job on her tour and that he calls her BEAR, slumming it with a belly chain while in her bikini might actually not be worse than the rest.

Here’s JLo Bear with her kids, the bodyguards, the nannies, the entire crew, and Casper Bear hanging out in the pool at her hotel in Miami. The pool is a big deal for people when they pick their hotels, isn’t it? I always overhear people asking -- is there a pool!?!? Me I never consider it. Not just because I’m travelling on business most the time but because, I guess, the pool is a family thing with the kids and the fun and finding a way to kill a few hours. It seems like a place where there would be a lot of shrieking. How can there not be shrieking when there are water guns around? 

I’m trying to read! snapped the crusty spinster on a deck chair near the deep end.