TMZ is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is working on a Vegas deal. Apparently she’s negotiating with The Axis at Planet Hollywood for 72 shows over 24 weeks that would pay her $350K each time. It’s similar to Britney. Except, well, didn’t you think that JLO had a lot more going on than Britney? For Britney, the Vegas thing makes sense, because …you know. Britney can only do so much these days. And this way, she can still make money for the Britney Spears Corporation without having to travel and strain.

JLO has kids, sure, but not the other, um, limitations.

That money though. That MONEY. It’s a lot better than singing for dictators.

So I started thinking about what she would sing. Because a lot of songs on her new album are sh-t. I can’t even listen to Booty it’s so terrible. Are there enough JLO songs to make it worth it? Here’s my list:

If you had my love
Love don’t cost a thing
Waiting for tonight
I’m real
Jenny from the block
Live it up
Let’s get loud
Dance again
On the floor
First Love

That’s just 10 songs!