Look at her.

She was in New York yesterday hanging out with her kids and her friends. And wearing the f-cking sh-t out of those jeans under a cropped top. We sit around and talk about this a lot backstage at The Social: Jennifer Lopez has never, ever, ever been better. Like everything. She turns 45 in 3 weeks.

JLO at 45. Is it at her BEST.

I am obsessed with her right now. As much as I’ve ever been obsessed with her. With everything. Even the music. EVEN THE MUSIC? Yes. First Love is on repeat while I work, drive, in my head in the shower. But …

It’s not selling. Billboard reports that AKA only sold 33,000 copies upon release last week even though she was hustling it everywhere, suggesting that she should be evolving her sound… into ballads and not just dance tracks.

OK, maybe in the fall.

Because it’s summer. And she’s single for a change. Can we keep her single until September? She can fall in love and get married again after Labour Day. For now, I like it like this.