In our ongoing feature of Oscar memories, Jennifer Lopez is the next subject. And I’ve just realised in preparing this post and the photos for it how many f-cking times she’s been.

9 times!

This year it’ll be 10!

Do you think, maybe, that’s too much, Academy?

I know I don’t have to tell you what I consider to be the best JLo appearance at the Oscars. It should also be yours.’s kinda hilarious to look back on her Oscar history.

I TOTALLY forgot Ojani Noa’s been to the Oscars. Selena had just opened. She was on her way to becoming a big ass deal. And Ojani wouldn’t last much longer.

JLo came back to the Oscars on her own a year later. With a hair straightener and darker lipliner on the outside. I won’t lie. I used to wear my hair like this on occasion too. Come on. It was before Y2K.

You know you have some serious hustle when you make it to the Oscars 3 years in a row. This time with a classic JLo pull-back on the hair. She was about to drop If You Had My Love. It was around the time she fell in love with Puff Daddy, one year before the infamous green chiffon Versace dress at the Grammys.

In transparent Chanel. The first of two consecutive Oscars with Cris Judd. I hate this dress.

Pink strapless Versace with bombshell hair. And the beginning of the end of Cris Judd. know what’s coming, right?

BENNIFER the ORIGINAL! Doesn’t the matching skintone make you so happy? Was he happy? Well... three months after this he allegedly hit up a peeler bar in Vancouver and fingered a dancer. Then they called off their engagement. And got back together. And broke up again. And within 6 months she was married to Marc Anthony. But we will always have mint green and tan at the Oscars, right?

Her first of three Oscars with Marc Antony. In a vintage olive green dress. It’s just... never been the same, you know?

In Marchesa. And this is when it becomes like, YOU, again??? TOO MUCH. You come here TOO MUCH.

Armani Prive. Horribly unflattering. HIDEOUSLY unflattering.

And now what?

How does a slumdiving Oscars look, JLo styles?

Sunday. We’ll see on Sunday.

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