Jennifer Lopez was in Fort Lauderdale yesterday shooting a World Cup video. I haven’t seen any pictures of Slum Bear around. Bonus #1. Bonus #2 is her hair. I love when she wears her hair with the front up like this. No one does it better than her. You remember her style in Love Don’t Cost A Thing? This is a shorter variation of it with more volume on the sides. I’m so into it I’m imitating it today on The Social.

The theme of the shoot is supposed to be Brazilian Carnival in the spirit of this year’s host country. The song – We Are One (Ola Ola). So, basically, a month-long party with some soccer games in between. So after the Olympics are over and you’re dealing with the withdrawal, this is the next sport porn we have to look forward to. I want that assignment. I want that assignment so much.