JLO maybe maybe not breaking up with Slum Bears is not the story here. The REAL JLO breakup story is about her assistant.

JLO’s assistant, Gilly Iyer, (is that hard “G” because if so this is AWESOME), who worked with her for years, quit recently to join Jermaine Dupri’s team. And Jermaine Dupri manages…


So Gilly left JLO and is now on staff with Mimi who replaced JLO on Idol and whom JLO is now re-replacing on Idol


In small print I’m going to tell you that this report comes from the unreliable Radar Online. The reason I’m more inclined to believe them this time, besides the obvious, is because the story is not speculative and a person’s place of employment is tangible, as opposed to whether or not someone is in love, or mad at their boyfriend. Or the reasons why Gilly broke up with JLO which, according to Radar, is all on Casper, who’s apparently a dick to all her people, and insists on being called Mr Smart. And of course that takes us back to the status of their relationship. Has JLO finally had enough of him?


All he has to do is propose. Problem solved.

But imagine…

IMAGINE how sh-t your life has to be when you’d rather work for MIMI, MARIAH CAREY, than Jennifer Lopez??????