Jennifer Lopez f-cked up during her comments while presenting at the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday. Gerard Butler ended up on stage to represent How To Train Your Dragon and he teased her about it up there and for a moment, I worried that he’d go there, that he’d try. I mean look at her in this dress. It’s insane.

You wish, Spittle. You wish.

But then again, it’s not like she’s demonstrated any good taste. Just the thought of that sickens me, JLO and Spittle. It’s vile.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen, at least not there, and she had a busy weekend with photo shoots and dinners in a series of different outfits and hairstyles. JLO gives the best ponytail in Hollywood, period. And while I’m not sure she needs a fur-trimmed leather jacket in Los Angeles weather, I’ll take it because it goes really well with those checked pants.

She wrote in her book that her “entourage” gets in the way of relationships sometimes because of all the hair people and wardrobe people and makeup people who are constantly at her house. I believe it. Even on an outing with her kids, in sweats, that skin is perfectly glowing.