I am obsessed with these pictures...

So here’s JLo Bear in Vegas for the weekend also at Wet Republic where Prince Harry was partying. They rolled out a blue carpet for her to walk on at the step and repeat. You see how this works?

She sends her slum lover Casper Bear down first. He sulkily walks by himself down to the end where he’s obviously instructed to stand there, like a proper second class citizen, to wait for her while she allows the cameras to make love to her. Only when she’s finished is he permitted to take her hand.

And this is how it should have been all long.

Instead she gave him a job as her lead choreographer and we watched his golddigging greed grow and grow.

So is this a move to remind him of his place? Know your place, son. Your place is at the end of the carpet watching and being grateful.

Or ... is it more like she’s mad at him for not proposing yet? If you were my fiancé we could totally pose together on the red carpet but since you’re not, you can’t share this moment with me.

I think you know my feelings on this.