That body is holding up this dress…without any sheer figure skating panelling. That’s not easy. That’s just not fair, not at all.

But in life, there is balance. Not that you paid attention because THAT BODY, but her hair and makeup weren’t great last night. I didn’t like the silver grey shadow. There wasn’t enough colour on her face. This woman is famous for her glow. Instead, everything from the neck up just seemed in shadow, non? Am I crazy? I must be crazy. This summer has been a huge high for JLO …


Well, Slum Bear Casper was feeding her candy last night in a seat in front of her. He also walked the carpet with his legs spread really far apart like a trying loser. And then we had to watch his creative vision for Nicki Minaj disintegrate all over Beyonce’s stage.

Remember JLO’s the one who gave him that job in the first place. I’m telling you, why can’t she just hit it and quit it? Why does she have to PAY IT at the same time?