Jennifer Lopez now has a star -- the 2,500th -- on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keenan Ivory Wayans, Pitbull, and Jane Fonda were there to honour her. When you have Jane Fonda, who else do you need?


Her children, of course.

And...yes...him. Her Slum Bear, Casper Smart. In studded shoes, imagining that one day, he might have one with his name on it too. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHA.

As you can see, JLO went super extra on the styling today. I mean I get that. It’s a big deal for her. I get that she’d want to dress for it. So wear a ball gown, fine. But this...ball skirt? I don’t know if this ball skirt was the right choice.

For starters, it’s wrinkled. And it’s also too much of a clash with the red carpet, you think? Also, the shoes are all wrong. Could we please see the other options? Don’t you want to know how we ended up at this one?