Such a shame… someone who spends this much time on her body – and what a body it is – just to be so unlucky in love. Between Alyssa, Shannen Doherty, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’m starting to blend them all together: three tv girls, all child stars, all disastrously unlucky in love. Except that unlike the other two, Alyssa is neither basketcase nor homewrecker. So the question is: why can’t she find a good man who will stick around? And now that her show is over, are there ANY career prospects on the horizon? Or will she end up hosting some cheese ass reality show on a hand-me-down new channel like The CW? She showed up at some upfront event yesterday so maybe something is already in the works? For her sake, I really hope not. Have always liked Alyssa Milano. Even enjoyed that soft core porn she did a while back. Especially the scene where she made out with the chick from The Golden Child. Take my word for it – totally hot Sapphic arty film. Great for a Friday night at home.