My Gwyneth is going to the Oscars! My Gwyneth! And Jennifer Lopez too! Two Ben Affleck exes on the same carpet at the time... Awkward. Love.It. Also an abundance of ex Tom Cruise beards too. Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, the RoboBride on his arm...makes for some interesting PR maneuvering to avoid a collision, or perhaps Nicole and Keith will go in for the killer photo opp and pose together? Love. It. 

And we haven't even considered the fashions. Nicole Kidman, knowing that Katie is trying to assert herself as a new clothes horse, is going to bring her game HARD. Jennifer Lopez, especially after getting booed in Berlin, is going to bring her game HARD. And then there's my Gwyneth. My Gwyneth who wants to work again, after devoting her nauseating life to her children, my Gwyneth who will pretend she doesn't care but really does care, my Gwyneth who wore Stella last time she was at the Oscars, my Gwyneth who knows that she is not Gwyneth will bring her game HARD. Oscar intrigue 5 days away - love, love, love.