My love to Nancy for sending these along – new photos of the Pitts in Germany’s Gala Magazine, the first close-up of Shiloh since People Magazine’s newborn spread almost 3 months ago. Love, love, love! The photos were supposedly taken in New Orleans at the beginning of September (everything that follows is based on this supposition) when Brad was in town to support Global Green. Check out Zahara – she’s the cutest thing, isn’t she? BUT – at the risk of getting my Chinese ass voodoo’d to all hell by the lunatic “Brangelina” fans – I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the conspiracy tinkle buzzing my smutty sense. You will recall that Brad made the Global Green competition announcement on August 31st – a full two weeks ago. At the time, a few candids were released here and there, some appeared on this site as well , of the Family sans Shiloh in an SUV and of Angie with Madd and Z only, shopping around town while Brad was presumably tied up in meetings. Again…this was 2 weeks ago. In an age when photos get uploaded to Getty or Wireimage in a matter of minutes, in an age when it’s almost impossible to keep a secret, does it not seem odd, if not a little suspicious, that no one had an inkling of these prime pics until now? And more importantly, is it not incredible that the photos managed to stay unleaked until Gala Magazine printed them in Europe? Furthermore, given the masterful way they’ve eluded the pappies all summer since Shiloh’s birth, and the impressive security surrounding the Pitts, to the point where they can remain elusive at will, do you find it rather amazing that such close and clear shots were snapped, especially of the Chosen One, arguably the most sought after non-alien baby in the world??? Sorry Brangelinas… I hate to make you mad, it’s not my intention to elicit your psychotic emails in protest, but even though I worship the Chosens, even though I’ll be Team Jolie forever, I gotta call it as I see it and to me, these pics look pre-arranged and those photographers HAD to be tipped off. So now the question becomes: what is Brad’s brilliant media machine after this time? Is it a Suri counterstrike? Is it an early Babel push? And holy coincidences of ALL coincidences… was Jennifer Aniston *just* named People Magazine’s Best Dressed Celebrity? Is boring the new black??? Hollywood timing – it’s a beautiful thing, non?