Beamed across the world, the first photos of the Pitts doing more than walking side by side, carrying their children. Yes, gossips. After 9 long months, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie held hands. They held hands!!! And like your average gum smacking, emotionally stunted Hello Kitty teenager, I actually squealed and clapped my hands when I came upon the photos from Just Jared. Love is irresistible, non? While it’s most certainly not a jungle sex video, which is really what we’re all waiting for, it’s actually good enough for now. As manipulative as they’ve been with the media, there is part of me that cannot deny the pure, unadulterated delicious appeal of these two Hollywood superpowers. Alright. Enough gushing. You came for scoop and scoop you shall have. As you probably already know, Brad and Angie are in Switzerland on some sort of goodwill, save the world mission. As I reported on Tuesday night, they plan to scale back their public appearances in the coming months and retreat privately to avoid any hysteria surrounding the birth of their child, which as I said the other day, I’ve heard is a boy. Fresh additional details just emerged last night. I’m hearing from sources that the couple are planning to spend the last 2 months of her pregnancy in Africa and they will have the baby there, under the supervision of a doctor that they have hired to travel along with them. Like I mentioned on January 11th, they are due some time in mid-May, but if you’ve seen the latest issue of Us Weekly, Janice Min and her staff are sticking with May 2nd. Not that I don’t love me some Us Weekly but they were about 3 weeks off on the Jennifer Garner birth so use your smutty instincts and navigate accordingly. And remember who brings it to you first.